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The Third “C” in 21st Century Learning

Collaborative learning is an approach to teaching and learning that involves a partnership or a group working together to achieve a common goal. Working in a partnership or a group is a great way for a child to discover skills that he or she might not know they have and enhance the ones that they already possess.

The Third "C" in 21st Century Learning

In some cases, a collaboration can be a more effective way in learning. For example, making a structural art project may render a better piece if a partnership between two different skills or a group of multiple talents are joined to together. As there are many aspects to the art project, some individuals can only be capable of accomplishing one or two. For example, the child can be exceptional in sketching and coloring but may be lacking the skills in actual construction thus leaving a void. If the child were to have a partner who has talent in actual construction of the art piece, then the results will be more convincing rather than the one where he or she is to do it alone. This collaboration not only creates great work but also cultivates relationships in the classroom.

Rainbow Room Learning Center has a many of collaborative learning activities that allow students to showcase talent and share knowledge among each other. Rainbow Room also teaches the value team work and how working together as one can make learning colorfully fun.

The Third "C" in 21st Century Learning


The Second “C” in 21st Century Learning

Creativity is the act of turning imaginative and innovative ideas ideas into reality is characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between unrelated phenomena and to generate solutions. Thinking and producing are its two main processes.

The Second "C" in 21st Century Learning

Children who practice the 21st century approach to learning will find that learning to be creative can be very beneficial. For example, learning how to subtract in math does not have always have to be done in paper and following a textbook formula. This routine will leave a child bored and feeling uninterested.

The Second "C" in 21st Century Learning

A creative way of getting their full participation is allowing them to have their make their own fun exercises related to the topic. If the lesson is on addition and subtraction, a child can have a box of chocolates then count what is left in the box after the teacher has distributed the chocolates to other students. If the lesson is distinguishing kinds of dinosaurs, a creative way of getting the students to enjoy the topic is using movie references. For example, “who are the dinosaurs that you see in the movie “Land Before Time”? As they mention the names of the characters, the next question is to ask what kind of dinosaur the mentioned characters are.

At Rainbow Room Learning Center, we encourage our learners to use their creative juices so that learning can be colourfully fun for both them and their teachers.

Rainbow Room has proven to be one of the better decisions we’ve made as parents

How was Rainbow Room Learning Centre beneficial to your child’s development?
Rainbow Room Parent Nescel: When I enrolled my daughter in RRLC, I had little expectations on the academics. She was 3 years old then and the only child in the family. What I wanted was for her to learn how to socialize, how to properly relate to others, to understand that not everything is about her. She started with the summer classes for kids. After 6 weeks or so, I have seen the difference. She was “more patient”, she was following “rules” (like waiting for her turn and lining up), she knew how to relate to kids better – even sharing her favorite toys.

Rainbow Room has proven to be one of the better decisions we’ve made as parents

Later on, I could see that she was enjoying school – she was learning by doing. Am amazed by how they taught her to do addition and subtraction when she was still 4 years old. She was very aware of what’s happening in the country – SAF 44, the elections, and the like. She also learned how to appreciate her blessings as she started to participate in the reach in activity the school conducts every year. What I appreciated more than the academics was how RRLC, molded my daughter into a well-rounded child.

What can you say about the Rainbow Room teachers?
My daughter stayed for 3 years in RRLC and all her teachers treated her as their own. They were very responsive – I’ve had my fair share of writing them a letter or 2 just to ask about an assignment or an activity and give my opinion…they will respond in a very respectful manner. While they know that the kids are there to learn, they also allow them to be kids – and that is something very important to me!

“Anika started out very shy – she would participate in circle time but will not talk during programs. Teacher Jonah was very patient with her…mindful not to cut her off when she says something and that’s where she built her confidence. Now I can’t make her stop talking and she’s not shy to participate in anything.”
-Teacher Jonas, Rainbow Room Teacher

“Very creative. She developed a plan specific for Anika so she can catch up on writing skills. We did a lot of finger painting at home and this has helped develop Anika’s love for writing. Thank God our walls were saved in all these writing and painting!”
-Teacher Jo-A, Rainbow Room Teacher

Rainbow Room has proven to be one of the better decisions we’ve made as parents

“Again, very patient. Anika is now very outspoken and will call out her classmates if they are not listening. Teacher Camz, patiently explained to Anika how to do these things without hurting others’ feelings.”
-Teacher Camz, Rainbow Room Teacher

“She treated us as family. When there was a fire near our area, teacher Rom sent me SMS and called me up just to make sure our family is safe. She didn’t have to do this but this was much appreciated!”
Teacher Rom, Rainbow Room Teacher

Which experience as a Rainbow Room parent did you find the most memorable?
I won’t be able to pinpoint a specific experience. RRLC has been a partner in my daughter’s development. The 3-year journey will always be memorable.

While they know that the kids are there to learn, they also allow them to be kids – and that is something very important to me!

Enrolling Anika in RRLC has proven to be one of the better decisions we’ve made as parents. While it’s true that we, as parents, are responsible for raising good, kind, respectful kids, partnering with good schools will make our jobs easier. My daughter is very socially aware partly because of RRLC – and that is very important to us. I will never tire of telling anyone and everyone that RRLC is good choice when looking for a pre-school. Our family will forever be grateful as my daughter didn’t only have a school…she also found a second home in RRLC.

The First “C” in 21st Century Learning

First “C”: Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the evaluation of sources such as data, facts, observable phenomenon, and research findings. It also involves drawing reasonable conclusions from a set of information and determining useful and less useful details for solving a problem or making a decision.

Teaching children this 21st century skill allows them to be creators of their own knowledge. Spoon-feeding information does not nurture the natural capability of a child to learn, rather it makes the child dependent on others. Critical thinking, on the other hand, makes the child independent in finding answers to his/her questions. The great Jean Piaget once said “When you teach a child something, you take away forever his chance to discover it for himself.”

Here at Rainbow Room, we ensure that the children are active learners and critical thinkers to make them 21st century ready. The children always give meaning to what they are learning and not just get information from the teacher. The discussions are inquery-based to ensure that the children get involved in finding out answers.

Make learning colorfully fun at Rainbow Room!

The First "C" in 21st Century Learning

Rainbow Room has been an integral part of our kid’s growth

Rainbow Room has been an integral part of our kid’s growth

How was Rainbow Room Learning Center beneficial to your child’s development?
BOO and  JEN MAGLAQUI: Rainbow Room helped Franco to learn and achieve more especially in his math & science classes. He became more curious and always asks questions about things in his surroundings. His self-confidence also improved and his attitude towards people also changed.

What can you say about the Rainbow Room teachers?
The teachers in rainbow room have been very helpful and caring for the children’s well-being. They focus on the child’s weaknesses and try to improve on that. They have accurate assessments and always tries to motivate the kids to do their best. These simple things make my son enjoy school more.

Which experience as a Rainbow Room parent did you find the most memorable?
The most memorable experience that we had in rainbow room was the first family day that we attended. It was an amazing experience having to play against other groups. The kids & parents had fun playing the games and the level of completion per group increases every year

Rainbow Room has been an integral part of our kid’s growth. He learned a lot in his stay in Rainbow room and he is ready to move up to the bigger school this coming school year. The school has been a big help to us especially in moulding our son to be a better student, citizen and as a person.


Rainbow Room brings 21st Century Learning!

Last 4th of February 2017, Rainbow Room Learning Center held a seminar on 21st century learning. The event was attended by parents from all three Rainbow Room campuses. The speaker for the event was the Directress of Bridges School Pampanga, Teacher Myn Tinio. She has been an advocate of progressivism in her teaching experience both here and abroad.

The seminar focused on ways to prepare children for jobs that are currently unthinkable or non-existent at the moment. With the use of 21st century lifelong skills, kids are more equipped to handle the challenges the future has to offer them.
The skills needed to make learning relevant for children are in the form of seven “Cs” – critical thinking, creativity, cross-cultural understanding, communication, computing and career & learning self-reliance.

Make your child 21st century ready by enrolling them at Rainbow Room Learning Center, where learning is COLORFULLY fun!

To find out more about the 7Cs, please tune in every Tuesday for Rainbow Room’s Colorful Parenting articles and make your parenting experience colorfully fun.”

Rainbow Room strengthen our daughter’s love of learning

How was Rainbow Room Learning Center beneficial to your child’s development?
The experiential approach with the different subjects has been instrumental in making learning fun for her at such a young age. We are happy to have witnessed how Gaby excelled in academics when she was in Rainbow Room and has brought this positive outlook now that she is in the big school as she continues to be a consistent academic awardee. I thank RR for being instrumental in strengthening the foundation of my daughter’s love for learning and continuously share with us in all her achievements in her big school.

Rainbow Room strengthen our daughter's love of learning

What were your child’s weaknesses as a student in Rainbow Room?
Our daughter‘s personality is generally on the shy side but Teacher Rom was able to develop her confidence in herself and to build relationships with her classmates.

What can you say about the Rainbow Room teachers?
The RR teachers are very passionate in teaching, very warm towards their students, and sincere in developing each child.

Which experience as a Rainbow Room parent did you find the most memorable?
Watching the kids dance and sing are the most memorable experience for me. There were a lot of activities like the Buwan ng Wika, Christmas Party, Family Day, and Graduation to name a few where we got to see my daughter perform along with the rest of the RR kids. We’ve seen how my daughter slowly gained her confidence in performing/speaking in front of a group during those activities and we’re very thankful to RR for creating those opportunities for the kids.

Our daughter was only 2 years old when she first entered the doors of Rainbow Room around 2010 as part of the first batch of the summer camp program. Since then, we have witnessed how Rainbow Room embraces the individuality of each child, hone their talents, and develop new ones. The experiential learning which RR highlights as a progressive school has been instrumental in developing our daughter holistically. The monthly themes and approach on these topics are well designed that it keeps my daughter excited to be in school every day. RR encouraged our daughter to stay curious about the world, to love life, to be the best that she can be. As an RR parent, we have also established lasting relationships with my co-parents because of the different activities the school has involving the parents in the child’s development. Now that we have our second child enrolled in RR and going through the same experience, We definitely are enjoying every moment like it was the first time seeing my son’s excited face showing his smiley stamped hands and tummy, telling me all about the songs he sang, art works made, and the different animals he learned!

Positive discipline: The guide to our children’s good behavior

Discipline plays a large part in building a child’s character therefore applying the right style is very important. Rather than the traditional style of training children, a more effective way of moulding our children is through positive discipline.

Positive discipline: The guide to our children's good behavior

There are many ways to correct disobedience or gain control of our child’s behaviour. Talking to a child in the appropriate manner is a very effective technique. Raising ones voice can have an adverse effect such as disobedience. Calling them out in a calm and friendly manner will prompt them to be more obedient.

A warning is also a great way of initiating discipline as it makes them aware of chances. Instead of going straight to the consequence, warnings give children a chance to absorb what happened and do better the next time around.

Rainbow Room Learning Center not only makes learning colourfully fun but also applies positive discipline to its students.

“No regrets in choosing Rainbow Room to be part of my child’s foundation.”

Rainbow Room Learner Ethan

How was Rainbow Room Learning Center beneficial to your child’s development?
TANYA GONZAGA: Initially, we anticipated that the transition from informal learning (home) to formal education for Ethan would be a big challenge. However, Rainbow Room’s learning structure made it easier and interesting for him to adjust and cope up with school. All areas of child development are given attention to and by this I meant both academic and non-academic. He became more creative and this was very evident whenever we see how he plays with building blocks in school and at home. Aside from this, his reading skills went from zero to exceptional. At an early age, when all other kids his age couldn’t read, he is able to clearly read correctly and quickly. This strong foundation is very instrumental in his performance now at school.

What were your child’s weaknesses as a student in Rainbow Room?
The usual comment we would be getting from his teachers was that he was shy and does not readily speak up even though he knows the answers to questions. We, his parents, attribute this to his being an only child thereby making him socially restrictive.

What can you say about the Rainbow Room teachers?
In my opinion, Ethan’s teachers were of high calibre with solid educational background. This makes them very effective teachers. Coupled with the fact that they are very approachable and full of self-control, kids love them.

There was one instance when we really witnessed a child who was very difficult to handle so Teacher Rom tried to pacify him by talking to him in a gentle voice, however, the child suddenly slapped Teacher so hard but Teacher kept her cool even though we know that it was really painful. This is one example of an unusual experience that makes you realize that your child is in the hands of people who are positive and nurturing.

Which experience as a Rainbow Room parent did you find the most memorable?
We lived in Hong Kong for a year and when Teacher Rom (/Romina) visited the country, she made it a point to meet with us at Charlie Brown Café and go around HK for a day. Ethan kept talking about it for days whenever he would “Skype Call” our relatives in the Philippines.

We have no regrets in choosing Rainbow Room to be part of my child’s foundation. The academic program (progressive) prepared Ethan well for the rigors of further academic success now that he is in a big school. My child is in Grade 2 and he belongs to the top percentile of students with honors. A unique benefit of attending RR how positive and nurturing the environment which makes learning really conducive for the students.
Witnessing the progress of our child made us feel that we have made the right choice in partnering with Rainbow Room Learning Center. We know that there are a lot of schools out there, but students from RR are very similar in attitude and academic excellence to that of students from high calibre schools in the country. In fact, we have friends who transferred their child to Rainbow Room because they saw it was a very positive influence to our child’s growth.

Hands on learning is an effective tool

Hands on learning is an effective tool

There are many ways to relay learning to our children. The most common would be with the use of textbooks, graphs, charts and flashcards. While these tools help them learn a great deal, it does not activate all the 5 senses needed by the child to appropriately learn.

Hands-on activity is a more effective way of learning as it allows children to be capable of constructing their own knowledge through experiences and making meaning of those experiences. Being able to make use of their 5 senses stimulates their minds to learn and make them active creators of their own knowledge.

“Combining activities that require movement, talking, and listening activates multiple areas of the brain. The more parts of your brain you use, the more likely you are to retain information.” said Judy Dodge from Scholastic, 2009.
Between the ages four and seven, the right side of the brain is developing and learning comes easily through visual and spatial activities. The left hemisphere of the brain, the side that is involved in more analytical and language skills, develops around ages 10-11.

In Rainbow Room Learning Center, our experiential activities benefit the child because they are given opportunities to create and discover their own learning while having fun!

PARENT: Rainbow Room has become a second home to our daughter

Rainbow Room Junior Kinder Learner Ella presents Melchora Aquino.

How was Rainbow Room Learning Centre beneficial to your child’s development? 
VERL MARQUEZ: Our daughter, Eila, attended summer classes for two consecutive years before officially going into regular class (Nursery) last school year. In those two summers, she was very shy, to the point wherein she only wanted to cling to me the whole time and even didn’t want to join class pictures. We were quite anxious when she started in nursery. A week after the class started, I was surprised as she went inside the room by herself and was okay to be left there without me. For me, the best thing that Rainbow Room did was to help nurture her social skills, making her very feel at ease with the concept of schooling and making friends. As for academic development, Rainbow Room made learning very fun and relatable to her. We are often amazed by the stories she shares about what she learned in school, from simple things like what sinks and what floats, or what things a plant needs to grow, to seemingly complex concepts (or at least we think so, for their age) such as the functions of internal parts of the body, or what the national heroes did ages ago.

What can you say about the Rainbow Room teachers?
They are very patient and are always in good spirits. We appreciate how diligent they are in paying close attention to each child’s needs and quirks, and how they give sufficient time and care to each student to ensure that his/her pace of learning is met.

Verl Marquez and her family

Which experience as a Rainbow Room parent did you find the most memorable?
I find the field trips the most memorable as a whole. Those activities, no matter how close the location is or how short the activity is, help us see how our kids translate what they learned inside the classroom into real-life experiences.


As first-time parents, we are grateful that Rainbow Room has become a second home to our daughter. Rainbow Room has helped her come out of her shell, and has helped instill in her the love for learning, for making friends, and for appreciating what it means to go to school. We believe that Rainbow Room creates an enjoyable yet very teachable environment, where the emphasis is not really too much on academic learning, but on how the kids can understand different concepts through creative and critical thinking.

Understanding the Benefits of Playtime

Understanding the Benefits of PlaytimeSome parents tend to think that playtime during school hours can adversely affect their child’s learning because the thought of enjoyment overshadows the interest to learn. Some fail to realize that playing makes the children happier and content, meaning their minds are loose and open to absorb knowledge.

Active playing with a good frequency can be very beneficial as communication and social skills are developed through interaction with other children. Sharing each other’s interest during these interactions enable the children to understand each other’s behavior.

Playtime activities that require the participation of more than just one child promote teamwork. At the end of the session, the children’s experience with each other’s company can lead to friendship.

In Rainbow Room Learning Center, this is how the children benefit from playtime.

Understanding the Benefits of Playtime
They have built themselves a nice colorful castle.

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