How was Rainbow Room Learning Center beneficial to your child’s development?
She was not interested in Social Studies and Filipino at first, but when she graduated, she got Academic Excellence in both subjects. That’s in addition to Academic Excellence award in a number of other subjects. She’s reading well now, and loves Math and Science from the start. She’s enjoying Math so much, especially number bonds, that she answers her old workbooks during spare time, and even creates her own worksheets for us to answer. She became confident and friendly, too. Prior to joining Rainbow Room, she was a bit shy and reserved. Now, she’s confident enough to face the challenges of the big school ahead.

Rainbow Room Mom Joyce Avestro's daughter Jane gained confidence to face big challenges ahead

What can you say about the Rainbow Room teachers?
Teachers are generally helpful and friendly. The individualized approach is beneficial to the students. Our daughter loves her teachers, even from school years that passed.

Which experience as a Rainbow Room parent did you find the most memorable?
Gaining friends, knowledge and experience, both for the kid and the parents.

The progressive approach is very much useful in child development, especially pre-schoolers. It proved true to its claim. Our child has become more confident. The children benefit significantly from the learnings that they have acquired. They were able to experience what they were taught first-hand. All the field trips and hands-on activities were quite fun that they didn’t feel like they were doing school requirement. Learning in a fun and effective way is the way to go.