How was Rainbow Room Learning Center beneficial to your child’s development? Rainbow Room was beneficial to my child in terms of developing her love for learning. She has been wanting to explore, experiment, and try different kinds of activities ever since. When it comes to academics, she excels in Reading and Language. I am thankful for Rainbow Room for paving the way for my daughter to also still excel in different ways now that my child is already in “big school”.

I am thankful for Rainbow Room for paving the way for my daughter

What can you say about the Rainbow Room teachers?
Rainbow Room teachers were very helpful, patient, and accommodating. They acknowledge the fact that each student is different, that each one has his or her own learning pace. Understanding each student’s personality type and not making them feel like they were any less was also one thing I appreciated about them. Parents were able to feel that their children genuinely love their teachers in return

Which experience as a Rainbow Room parent did you find the most memorable?
The most memorable experience for me was the field trip to UP Diliman’s Astronomical Observatory. It was my first time to see the moon up-close and even got to see some planets. The pictures of the moon and planets that the kids only get to see in books became a reality! I also really appreciate the fact that even though the venue was quite far and it was at night time, Rainbow Room went out of their way to make that surreal experience possible for both the students and parents.

Rainbow Room Learning Center has been really beneficial to my child in a lot of ways. I was elated to have found a school that shares the same ideals and principles as what we, as parents, believe in. The experiential type of learning was indeed helpful in a lot of ways in the sense that children don’t just see and learn things, but the knowledge is retained because they actually got to be really involved therefore deepening their understanding and skills.