Effective communication is using the best possible means of connection to relay information or impart knowledge. This can also mean articulating thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written and non-verbal skills in a variety of forms and context.

The fifth "C" in 21st Century Learning

In a classroom setting, a child who applies a 21st century learning approach can build effective communication skills through the media rich world they are surrounded by. Rather than explaining a topic or reporting what they have learned, there are other ways to enhance and show these skills. For example, allowing the child to help solve problems by using formats they see around them, such as news or interactive games, is a great way for them to show effective communications. It is not about technology but about learning.

This means that students are the “media producers” and not just consumers.
In Rainbow Room Learning Center, we teach our children to effectively communicate by letting them speak their thoughts as this makes learning colourfully fun for them.