How was Rainbow Room Learning Center beneficial to Mikko’s and Mikaela’s development?
MS GERALDINE DE ASA: When Mikko started with Rainbow Room, he was aloof and not comfortable with a lot of people. He would cover his ears during social gatherings and would want to play by himself although looking at other kids but always hesitant to join them in play. He was left alone with his yaya at home during weekdays so we decided to enroll him in the first summer class of Rainbow Room. Initially it was a challenge for him, but since the lessons were interactive, he became eager to go school. He had lots of friends and continued to explore his talent in memorization during school programs and started to read early because he was given the chance to make his favorite character “Thomas and Friends” as his inspiration to tell his favorite stories.

Being part of Rainbow Room makes you belong to a real family

Mikaela’s first crowd exposure after birth was with Rainbow Room. She was born a few weeks before her brother’s graduation day so she happened to attend his moving up activity! As she grows, she is exposed with Rainbow Room as her next milestone and she was able to achieve it as a “saling pusa”. At first she was so shy. She wouldn’t want to participate easily but then her character was developed and eventually made friends. Then came the actual school year and she would always go to school with a perfect hairdo. She wanted to be in school looking really great and always excited to be there because of the sing and dance activities.

What can you say about the Rainbow Room teachers?
Rainbow Room teachers are very hands on. They understand all the emotions of their students and deal with them separately. They encourage the kids to be themselves because the children see them enjoying what they do as well. Being with small kids with all the mood swings and uncontrolled situations, is something that they have managed really well.

Which experience as a Rainbow Room parent did you find the most memorable?
Being part of Rainbow Room makes you belong to a real family. It is my kids’ second home and comfort place because we feel the sincerity and care of the teachers to our kids. Rainbow Room kept us binded and friends with other families as well because they promote good values and camaraderie.

Family Day is always the most awaited actvity of the year because we get to be with the rest of the people who share a common goal… that is to make our kids happy!

My son is one of the pioneers of Rainbow Room. There maybe a few challenges during the initial months, but that didn’t stop them in bringing the interest of the kids to learn. That special touch is the key to their success which made them grow. It’s always hard for the kids to move on to big school after graduation because they would always want to come back to Rainbow Room and relive the good memories that made them where they are now.