Creativity is the act of turning imaginative and innovative ideas ideas into reality is characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between unrelated phenomena and to generate solutions. Thinking and producing are its two main processes.

The Second "C" in 21st Century Learning

Children who practice the 21st century approach to learning will find that learning to be creative can be very beneficial. For example, learning how to subtract in math does not have always have to be done in paper and following a textbook formula. This routine will leave a child bored and feeling uninterested.

The Second "C" in 21st Century Learning

A creative way of getting their full participation is allowing them to have their make their own fun exercises related to the topic. If the lesson is on addition and subtraction, a child can have a box of chocolates then count what is left in the box after the teacher has distributed the chocolates to other students. If the lesson is distinguishing kinds of dinosaurs, a creative way of getting the students to enjoy the topic is using movie references. For example, “who are the dinosaurs that you see in the movie “Land Before Time”? As they mention the names of the characters, the next question is to ask what kind of dinosaur the mentioned characters are.

At Rainbow Room Learning Center, we encourage our learners to use their creative juices so that learning can be colourfully fun for both them and their teachers.