Rainbow Room has been an integral part of our kid’s growth

How was Rainbow Room Learning Center beneficial to your child’s development?
BOO and  JEN MAGLAQUI: Rainbow Room helped Franco to learn and achieve more especially in his math & science classes. He became more curious and always asks questions about things in his surroundings. His self-confidence also improved and his attitude towards people also changed.

What can you say about the Rainbow Room teachers?
The teachers in rainbow room have been very helpful and caring for the children’s well-being. They focus on the child’s weaknesses and try to improve on that. They have accurate assessments and always tries to motivate the kids to do their best. These simple things make my son enjoy school more.

Which experience as a Rainbow Room parent did you find the most memorable?
The most memorable experience that we had in rainbow room was the first family day that we attended. It was an amazing experience having to play against other groups. The kids & parents had fun playing the games and the level of completion per group increases every year

Rainbow Room has been an integral part of our kid’s growth. He learned a lot in his stay in Rainbow room and he is ready to move up to the bigger school this coming school year. The school has been a big help to us especially in moulding our son to be a better student, citizen and as a person.