Last 4th of February 2017, Rainbow Room Learning Center held a seminar on 21st century learning. The event was attended by parents from all three Rainbow Room campuses. The speaker for the event was the Directress of Bridges School Pampanga, Teacher Myn Tinio. She has been an advocate of progressivism in her teaching experience both here and abroad.

The seminar focused on ways to prepare children for jobs that are currently unthinkable or non-existent at the moment. With the use of 21st century lifelong skills, kids are more equipped to handle the challenges the future has to offer them.
The skills needed to make learning relevant for children are in the form of seven “Cs” – critical thinking, creativity, cross-cultural understanding, communication, computing and career & learning self-reliance.

Make your child 21st century ready by enrolling them at Rainbow Room Learning Center, where learning is COLORFULLY fun!

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