How was Rainbow Room Learning Center beneficial to your child’s development?
The experiential approach with the different subjects has been instrumental in making learning fun for her at such a young age. We are happy to have witnessed how Gaby excelled in academics when she was in Rainbow Room and has brought this positive outlook now that she is in the big school as she continues to be a consistent academic awardee. I thank RR for being instrumental in strengthening the foundation of my daughter’s love for learning and continuously share with us in all her achievements in her big school.

Rainbow Room strengthen our daughter's love of learning

What were your child’s weaknesses as a student in Rainbow Room?
Our daughter‘s personality is generally on the shy side but Teacher Rom was able to develop her confidence in herself and to build relationships with her classmates.

What can you say about the Rainbow Room teachers?
The RR teachers are very passionate in teaching, very warm towards their students, and sincere in developing each child.

Which experience as a Rainbow Room parent did you find the most memorable?
Watching the kids dance and sing are the most memorable experience for me. There were a lot of activities like the Buwan ng Wika, Christmas Party, Family Day, and Graduation to name a few where we got to see my daughter perform along with the rest of the RR kids. We’ve seen how my daughter slowly gained her confidence in performing/speaking in front of a group during those activities and we’re very thankful to RR for creating those opportunities for the kids.

Our daughter was only 2 years old when she first entered the doors of Rainbow Room around 2010 as part of the first batch of the summer camp program. Since then, we have witnessed how Rainbow Room embraces the individuality of each child, hone their talents, and develop new ones. The experiential learning which RR highlights as a progressive school has been instrumental in developing our daughter holistically. The monthly themes and approach on these topics are well designed that it keeps my daughter excited to be in school every day. RR encouraged our daughter to stay curious about the world, to love life, to be the best that she can be. As an RR parent, we have also established lasting relationships with my co-parents because of the different activities the school has involving the parents in the child’s development. Now that we have our second child enrolled in RR and going through the same experience, We definitely are enjoying every moment like it was the first time seeing my son’s excited face showing his smiley stamped hands and tummy, telling me all about the songs he sang, art works made, and the different animals he learned!