Rainbow Room Learner Ethan

How was Rainbow Room Learning Center beneficial to your child’s development?
TANYA GONZAGA: Initially, we anticipated that the transition from informal learning (home) to formal education for Ethan would be a big challenge. However, Rainbow Room’s learning structure made it easier and interesting for him to adjust and cope up with school. All areas of child development are given attention to and by this I meant both academic and non-academic. He became more creative and this was very evident whenever we see how he plays with building blocks in school and at home. Aside from this, his reading skills went from zero to exceptional. At an early age, when all other kids his age couldn’t read, he is able to clearly read correctly and quickly. This strong foundation is very instrumental in his performance now at school.

What were your child’s weaknesses as a student in Rainbow Room?
The usual comment we would be getting from his teachers was that he was shy and does not readily speak up even though he knows the answers to questions. We, his parents, attribute this to his being an only child thereby making him socially restrictive.

What can you say about the Rainbow Room teachers?
In my opinion, Ethan’s teachers were of high calibre with solid educational background. This makes them very effective teachers. Coupled with the fact that they are very approachable and full of self-control, kids love them.

There was one instance when we really witnessed a child who was very difficult to handle so Teacher Rom tried to pacify him by talking to him in a gentle voice, however, the child suddenly slapped Teacher so hard but Teacher kept her cool even though we know that it was really painful. This is one example of an unusual experience that makes you realize that your child is in the hands of people who are positive and nurturing.

Which experience as a Rainbow Room parent did you find the most memorable?
We lived in Hong Kong for a year and when Teacher Rom (/Romina) visited the country, she made it a point to meet with us at Charlie Brown Café and go around HK for a day. Ethan kept talking about it for days whenever he would “Skype Call” our relatives in the Philippines.

We have no regrets in choosing Rainbow Room to be part of my child’s foundation. The academic program (progressive) prepared Ethan well for the rigors of further academic success now that he is in a big school. My child is in Grade 2 and he belongs to the top percentile of students with honors. A unique benefit of attending RR how positive and nurturing the environment which makes learning really conducive for the students.
Witnessing the progress of our child made us feel that we have made the right choice in partnering with Rainbow Room Learning Center. We know that there are a lot of schools out there, but students from RR are very similar in attitude and academic excellence to that of students from high calibre schools in the country. In fact, we have friends who transferred their child to Rainbow Room because they saw it was a very positive influence to our child’s growth.