Rainbow Room Junior Kinder Learner Ella presents Melchora Aquino.

How was Rainbow Room Learning Centre beneficial to your child’s development? 
VERL MARQUEZ: Our daughter, Eila, attended summer classes for two consecutive years before officially going into regular class (Nursery) last school year. In those two summers, she was very shy, to the point wherein she only wanted to cling to me the whole time and even didn’t want to join class pictures. We were quite anxious when she started in nursery. A week after the class started, I was surprised as she went inside the room by herself and was okay to be left there without me. For me, the best thing that Rainbow Room did was to help nurture her social skills, making her very feel at ease with the concept of schooling and making friends. As for academic development, Rainbow Room made learning very fun and relatable to her. We are often amazed by the stories she shares about what she learned in school, from simple things like what sinks and what floats, or what things a plant needs to grow, to seemingly complex concepts (or at least we think so, for their age) such as the functions of internal parts of the body, or what the national heroes did ages ago.

What can you say about the Rainbow Room teachers?
They are very patient and are always in good spirits. We appreciate how diligent they are in paying close attention to each child’s needs and quirks, and how they give sufficient time and care to each student to ensure that his/her pace of learning is met.

Verl Marquez and her family

Which experience as a Rainbow Room parent did you find the most memorable?
I find the field trips the most memorable as a whole. Those activities, no matter how close the location is or how short the activity is, help us see how our kids translate what they learned inside the classroom into real-life experiences.


As first-time parents, we are grateful that Rainbow Room has become a second home to our daughter. Rainbow Room has helped her come out of her shell, and has helped instill in her the love for learning, for making friends, and for appreciating what it means to go to school. We believe that Rainbow Room creates an enjoyable yet very teachable environment, where the emphasis is not really too much on academic learning, but on how the kids can understand different concepts through creative and critical thinking.