ikot-villapando-1Parent: Ikot Villapando
Rainbow Room Learner: Massimo Villapando, Rainbow Room Graduate 2014

How was Rainbow Room Learning Center beneficial to your child’s development?
In terms of character, Massimo became sociable and not shy to showcase his talents. I would have to attribute this to their field trip programs as they were designed to be interactive. In terms of scholastic achievements, he showed learning through everyday life application.

What were your child’s weaknesses as a student in Rainbow Room?
My son’s weakness was his focus. It was difficult to get him to participate in the early part of the class’ duration. Rainbow Room’s child friendly atmosphere and its effective teachers were very instrumental to the improvement of his focus. The faculty’s cheerfulness to him made him want to learn.

If I can do it all over again, I would still choose this school to guide my son for his formative years.

What can you say about the Rainbow Room teachers?
The Rainbow Room teachers were very accommodating to both the child and the parents’ needs. They were very helpful when it came when I needed academic assistance for my son. In addition to that, they give honest assessments of the child’s performance. I do believe that knowing your child’s real development is important. It helped me on having to use the right approach when I help my son study at home.

Which experience as a Rainbow Room parent did you find the most memorable?
During his time in Rainbow Room, what I find most memorable was being surprised at some of the knowledge my son displays. Every time I asked him where he learned the concept, he would always reply “I learned it from Rainbow Room.”

Where is your child studying now?
He is currently in Grade 2 at a Chinese Christian school in Makati (City).

Do you have anything more to say about Rainbow Room Learning Center?
Rainbow Room Learning Center prepared my son well for his big school experience. If I can do it all over again, I would still choose this school to guide my son for his formative years.

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