One of the best feelings in the world is the anticipation of the coming weekend. For parents, it is an opportunity for them to catch up on their sleep or attend to their favorite past time. For the children, it is a time to play with their favorite toys and watch their favorite cartoons.


The weekend also serves as time for both parents and child to happily mingle and catch up on the week that just elapsed. The question is what activities that can make great moments?

For this weekend, Rainbow Room suggests that you can go on a picnic with your family!


Eating food in a backyard or at a local park is a great way for parents and children to make for an exciting picnic. Since it is an outdoor setting, the dining can be followed by fun games and happy conversations.

Parents and children, pack your favorite meals in a picnic basket and go to a serene venue! Roll out the blankets, lie down and make a memorable quality time out of this picnic!

Happy weekend RR families! Make the weekend COLORFULLY FUN!